4. Kwame


I saw myself as an able person, and even if it was a marathon, I wanted to take part in it. So when armed robbers came to attack this village, I was the one who arrested them.

When I was one year old, I fell sick. My temperature rose, and I was taken to the hospital. I was injected, and I became paralyzed at the age of one. At that time, there was no walker, there was no wheelchair, there was no disability equipment. So I crawled from age one to twelve years until my father made this stick for me to support me in walking.

During childhood, I never let my disability overcome me. I saw myself as an able person, and even if it was a marathon, I wanted to take part in it. So when armed robbers came to attack this village, I was the one who arrested them.

The robbers came in the middle of the night to steal electrical cables. I was in my room and heard a noise. It was around two o’clock, so I went out to see what was happening. When I got to the scene, I met some guys in the community struggling with the macho one among the robbers. I lifted my stick and hit his head, and the macho man went down. From there, the other guys took him in, and we were able to arrest the remaining eight robbers. Immediately, I went to the radio station and made an announcement to bring in police.

The police sent it to court, but the armed robbers bribed and influenced the court with money. They wanted to bribe me. Any amount of money I would have needed they would have provided me, but I was pursuing the case on behalf of my village. So if I stopped, all of the community would have also stopped. I refused to accept the bribe. It was my determination that allowed me to strike down the armed robber and arrest him, and I was expecting the court to do something. It was very frustrating when nothing happened.

When I defeated the armed robbers, I was appointed as the leader of youth development in my community. I then organized a watchdog committee for us. I also apply first aid to my disabled counterparts and even my abled ones. Whenever somebody goes through a convulsion or if a person is going to die, I apply first aid. Sometimes, I give the person oxygen through my mouth. I am a herbalist too, so I help people with blood pressure, asthma, body aches, and arthritis.

How did you learn to administer herbal medicines?.

I used to hear a voice when I went near the bushes saying “This plant, pluck it, this plant is helpful for arthritis.” This voice taught me how to apply herbs. I also learned some from my father. My father used to apply herbs on people, so I saw the type of herbs he used for various cases.

What are the most important lessons you teach your children?

I always encourage my children to stick to their books. I also impart the knowledge of God into them. One of my children wants to be a pastor.

How do you think we make the world better for people with disabilities?

I believe in education for people with disabilities. If a person with a disability is educated, it imparts something on his disabled counterparts. People with disabilities must also not indulge in drugs or in too much drinking. If they stay focused, I think the life of disabled people will become better.

Do you have any worries or fears?

My biggest fear is that the political parties will cause havoc or political disorder in this country that will cause war or disrupt activities. Disabled members are the weakest in this country and they would be the most affected. My biggest fear is that such a war or coup will happen.

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