The Disability Needs Foundation relies on volunteers from the community to assist with a variety of its programs. Specifically, we require lift assistants to help with the transport and transfer of members who utilize wheelchairs. We also welcome university students as volunteers, who are interested in supporting our school sensitization project or research project with some administrative work – writing up programs, assisting with publicity and outreach, and helping with some of the organizational aspects.

We also encourage professionals – doctors, therapists, mobility equipment experts, and others – to contact us with your expertise and skills, and we can see how best you can support our members. We are open to and appreciate all opportunities for cooperation with international organizations, local NGOs and motivated individuals who would like to promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities.

If you are interested in volunteering or partnering, please contact us.


In addition to our programs and projects, the Disability Needs Foundation solicits equipment and donations for specific members who need assistance.

When you donate goods to Disabilities Needs Foundation it benefits the needy. More of your donation goes to actual programs to help in giving them mobility and to resettle them to start their own business for a better living condition.  A kind donation or assistance enables us offer the needed support to these target group of persons living with disabilities and other special needs.

We presently need: Motorized Scooters, Electric Wheelchairs, Wheelchairs, Sport Wheelchairs,  Wheelchairs, Walkers, Crutches, Walking sticks, Canes for the Blind, Shower Seats, Clothing, Goods Donation , Accessible Desks and Tables, Furniture Donation, Computers and accessories   foot wares, Sewing Machine, Copier, Blankets, Gas Stove, T.V sets,   ATVs – all-terrain vehicles, etc.

If you are interested in contributing in cash or kind, please contact us.